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1924 Buttery Chardonnay 2021

Product description

1924 – The heart of the prohibition era and wine’s darkest hour when it was deemed illegal. It was also the year 1924's winery first planted vineyards in California and farmed grapes that were sold to friends and neighbors. Story goes some of these grapes might have been used to make wine. For those that dared to toil in the black-market of winemaking, full-bodied red wines were the wine of choice and a crowd favorite at speakeasies across the country. Crafted from the finest fruit grown in select Lodi vineyards, 1924 wines deliver dark, rich flavors in a style reminiscent of the prohibition era.

Golden in color with rich and creamy flavors of vanilla, honey, and butterscotch. Aged on a mixture of French and American oak to create a full-bodied, buttery wine with an opulent finish.

Enjoy this with a baked chicken, seafood risotto, and grilled salmon.