Yucho Shuzo Kaze No Mori Alpha 3 Junmai Daiginjo Sake - 720 ml
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Yucho Shuzo Kaze No Mori Alpha 3 Junmai Daiginjo Sake - 720 ml

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Product description

From the legendary brewery Yucho Shuzo in Nara prefecture comes a beautiful 'first press sake' (Shiboritate).  True to the tradition of freshly squeezed sake, it has only been pasteurized once to retain the bright acidity of young sake. Yuchi dubbed their Alpha Kaze no Mori 3 sake 'Bridge to the World'.  For the Alpha sake series, the brewery set targets beyond the bounds of the original Kaze no Mori series by brewing with an open mind and applying original technologies and techniques to discover the possibilities of Japanese sake.  

This muroka genshu junmai daiginjo sake is unfiltered and bottled right after pressing leaving the sake with a natural fizzy effervescence while giving it an incredibly fresh and rich fruity flavour with a sweet aroma.  Expect notes of melon, apple, and passion fruit with a naturally occurring effervescence with notes of lychee, melon, mandarin, juicy nectarine, and custard apple, with a slightly prickly and refreshing acidity on the finish.

This is a sake for a special occasion, perfect as an aperitif. But you can also have some fun pairing it with delicate food, such as caviar, raw scallops, or soft cheeses like Brie and Chévre.  Drink it slightly chilled, a few degrees below room temperature - or colder if a stronger acidity is preferred.

Origin:  Nara Prefecture  |   Rice:  Akitsuho  |   Rice Polished to:   50%   |   Alcohol:  14%