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anCnoc 16 Year Old

Product description
Wholly maturing anCnoc in American bourbon barrels allows the characteristic intense citrus notes to shine through. anCnoc 16 Year Old has been bottled in its most natural form, as it’s neither chill-filtered nor coloured. As a result, it may develop a light haze with the addition of water or if kept at a cold temperature. This haze is a natural characteristic of whisky that is unchill-filtered. ABV 46%.

Colour...Sparkling gold with a slight yellow hue.

Nose...An intense aroma that awakens your senses with bursts of citrus fruit, before slowly melting into a soft and sweet, fragrant vanilla.

Taste... Light and zesty with a hint of spice, warming up to what can only be described as "stick to your teeth" toffee. A long and lingering finish leaving you ready for the next sip.