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Apocalypto Reposado Tequila

Product description

In the spirit of these times comes APOCALYPTO, a compelling tequila inspired by the enduring legend of 2012, the landmark date on the Mayan Calendar, which celebrates the beginning of the new era. The ceramic, handcrafted half-man/half-jaguar design of the bottle is believed to symbolize OPTIMAL SPIRIT, spirituality and the intellect of Man combined with instinctual determination and strength of the Jaguar.

APOCALYPTO Reposado is produced with 100% blue agave grown in the highlands of Tequila, Jalisco and handcrafted in the traditional method of using stone ovens and old fashioned molinos. The agave is cooked in stone ovens, which allows lower and longer cooking time to produce aromatic vanilla overtones. To bring the optimistic aspect of the legend to life, APOCALYPTO is aged over 6 months in white oak barrels to achieve its rich, earthy notes and mellow finish. APOCALYPTO is meant to be enjoyed by true tequila aficionados.