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Ardbeg Anthology 'The Harpy's Tale' Single Malt 13 Year Old

Product description

Inspired by the seldom-seen Harpy – a winged beast said to inhabit Islay – this legendary edition is a first for the Distillery. The Harpy’s Tale has been matured for 13 years in rare Sauternes wine casks and married with classic Ardbeg ex-bourbon. After over a decade in the cask, soaring smoke swoops into sweetness as Ardbeg’s unmistakable character wrangles with the richness of the Sauternes casks. A supreme aged expression… the taste almost as sensational as the tale…

Opening up on sea spray, and a good amount of peat smoke. Then olive brine and some gentle herbs too – maybe thyme and even some oregano. Very faint though. It’s the sweeter, jammy fruits (apricots mostly) that nicely balance the peat and maritime influences. Just a whiff of sunflower oil, tea leaves and apple compote too.

Mouthfeel is moderately creamy. There’s a touch of iodine, medicinal peat and some eucalyptus. Surprisingly sweet, even knowing there are Sauternes casks involvement. Stone fruits, apricots. But always with a chargrilled quality. The herbs make an encore. And there are some pine needles here too.

Medium to long finish. Damp wood smoke, some coconut and a lingering sweetness. Not necessarily fruity, but more honey-esque. Even some chocolate maybe.