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Aureliano Salento Primitivo 2017

Product description

Intense Ruby red color. Ripe red fruits on the nose, harmonizing with hints of spice. Elegant and soft on the palate, Aureliano Primitivo is packed full of fruit and spice, continuing from the aromas on the nose. Ripe red raspberries are unmistakeable, as well as flavors of blackberry and pepper. Light acidity and pleasant tannins delivers an approachable wine for everyone. This wine is best consumed when youthful and fresh.

Welcome to Salento, an earthy paradise that delivers an authentic and unparalleled lifestyle. Salento is the region that unites East and West, a play of colours that creates a unique landscape. As far as the eye can see the picturesque vineyards mix with the ancient stones, the red earth, the narrow streets, the whitewashed houses, the unspoilt countryside and the enchanting blue sea. Poetic and intimate, this southern Italian heaven marries simplicity and sophistication

Primitivo vines are vigorous and grow best in climates that are warm but not too hot, as the grapes have a tendency to shrivel in very hot weather. Aureliano Primitivo is ideal with red meats, such as lamb stews