The Eighty Six Co. Aylesbury Duck Vodka
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The Eighty Six Co. Aylesbury Duck Vodka

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Product description

The Eighty Six Co. are proud of this vodka because it's clean, has that grainy and spicy character that we like in a vodka and it plays well in mixed drinks.  Aylesbury Duck is made in the Western Rockies of Canada, 4000 miles from the woodland bird's natural habitat.  Aylesbury Duck Vodka is made from soft white winter wheat sourced directly from local farmers in the Western Rockies of Canada. The result is an extremely clean vodka with a hint of grainy spiciness.

This crystal clear vodka has a clean aroma with hints of white pepper, subtle vanilla and lemon peel.  The taste is very smooth with notes of sweet corn, mellow licorice and fennel, and baked bread, followed by a lingering peppery finish.