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Bayou Spiced Rum

Product description

Tasting Notes

Bringing rum production back to its American source, Louisiana Spirits' Bayou Rum is made using state-grown and processed molasses and raw sugar. Their spiced variation starts out as the others, with a pot-still rum made according to their own "sugar house recipe" and triple-filtered spring water. The blend of spices is all sourced from within Louisiana .

Not much spice emanates from the glass, though there is an inviting aroma of butterscotch and root beer. The spices enter the picture on the palate, though, with a subtle blend of baking spice, sassafras, birch, pine cone and more savoury flavours such as bayleaf, thyme and rosemary. Though this rum is intended as a mixer, the overall effect is elegant enough that it could be sipped neat or with just a splash of tonic or cola.