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Borgogno Barolo Cannubi 2018

Product description

The Borgogno Barolo Cannubi stands out as a symbol of Nebbiolo, hailing from the renowned Cannubi Vineyard in the heart of Barolo. This noble wine rises in complexity and elegance, a living tribute to the exclusive terroir from which it originates. Positioned between 290 and 320 meters in altitude, facing south to optimally embrace the sun, the vineyard benefits from a soil rich in calcareous and clay marls with sandy nuances, creating the ideal habitat for Nebbiolo and thus defining the distinctive character of the wine.

The vinification process follows a respectful and traditional path, with spontaneous fermentation in concrete tanks using indigenous yeasts and carefully monitored temperatures to preserve the integrity of the grape. This is followed by an extended maceration, which enhances depth and texture. The wine's elegance matures through refinement in Slavonian oak barrels for two years and eight months, further perfected in concrete before bottling and then in the bottle for six months before release, culminating in a wine of rare complexity and velvety softness.

The Cannubi's bouquet weaves a captivating plot of red fruits, spices, and an ethereal floral nature of roses and violets, emitting a welcoming and seductive scent. The taste reveals a choreography of juicy fruits and fine spices, progressing towards a long and elegant finale, embellished with soft and harmonious tannins. This Barolo's fame rests on the supreme balance between vigor and grace, a true manifestation of the soul of its historic cru.

The versatility of the Barolo Cannubi makes it an ideal companion to a wide selection of robust dishes of red meat or game but also hard texture cheeses. Capable of masterfully accompanying Piedmontese meats, it also splendidly adapts to recipes from various international traditions, enhancing every meal with its distinguished presence, whether it involves complex preparations or simple dishes.