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Braulio Amaro Alpino

Product description

This particular amaro is produced by the infusion of plants, roots and aromatic alpine herbs followed by a two-year ageing process in oak-barrels. With its alcohol content of 21% amaro Braulio is noted for its taste and its refined aroma. Amaro (plural "Amari") is Italian for "bitter", a type of drink the Italians didn't invent but have made into an art form. Amari is commonly drunk as after-dinner digestifs and usually have a bitter-sweet flavour, sometimes syrupy, with an alcohol content between 16% and 40%. Amari are typically made by macerating herbs, roots (often gentian), flowers, bark, and/or citrus peels in alcohol, either neutral spirits or wine, mixing the filtrate with sugar syrup, and allowing the mixture to age in casks or bottles. Many commercial bottlers trace their recipe or production to the 19th century. Recipes often originated in monasteries or pharmacies. Amari are typically drunk neat, sometimes with a citrus wedge. We are big fans.