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Cantina Tramin Pinot Noir 2020

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Ancient sources testify that already in the early Middle Ages this was a famous vine-growing and wine-producing area: the Retii (established in these parts around the first millennium BC) were familiar with wine-making, and the Romans probably drew from their experience (it appears that they learned the use of wooden barrels from them). This splendid strip of Alto Adige, consisting today of the towns of Tramin, Egna, Montagna and Ora, has since antiquity provided the ideal requirements to produce great wines. Such requirements are the result of the successful combination of human industry and favourable environmental factors, which include sunny slopes with varying soil types, specific microclimatic zones and an altitude that varies between 250 and 700 meters above sea level. These elements make Tramin a place of harmonious beauty, where the vineyards are an integral part of the enchanting landscape.