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Cascahuin Tahona Blanco Tequila

Product description

The Cascahuin Distillery is one of the most traditional and high-quality operations in the lowlands of Tequila. The name translates to "mountain of light," a reference to the mountain outside the town where it's located, El Arenal, which seems to attract lighting in every storm. Built in 1904 by the Rosales Family, nothing has changed since then. They did replace their traditional tahona press with a roller mill in the 1980s but recently reintroduced a tahona to the process to create a truly traditional tequila. 

This is the first release made with this old process and creates an exceptional product. 100% lowland agave, roasted in traditional brick ovens. Pressed on their new electric tahona wheel and fermented with bagasse in traditional ceramic vessels. Long, slow-to-proof distillation on tiny copper pots is one of the purest, most traditional expressions of lowland tequila on the market. The gorgeous aromas of roast cucurbita, deep earthy spice and citrus waft from the glass. Texturally rich and highly complex on the palate, this should be considered the benchmark lowland tequila from which all others should be compared.