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Chateau Clamens Prestige

Product description

"Our vineyards are located at the entrance to Toulouse, on the sandy loam and clay soil of the old terraces of the river Tarn which offers good heat retention. Coupled with a favourable climate – over 2,000 hours of sunshine a year, fairly cool nights and little but regular rainfall – this is perfect terroir for producing red and rosé Négrette-based wines with a fascinating aromatic intensity… a rare treat for the senses." - Chateau Clamens Winemaker

The grape variety Négrette grows around the village of Fronton on the left bank of the Tarn, between Montauban and Toulouse. The origins of this rare grape varietal can be traced back to Cyprus. Today, the Fronton region is the world's sole wine region where this grape variety is produced. Smooth, juicy, and gentle tannins characterise the dark red Fronton wine, a blend of Negrette and Syrah grapes. The aromas of violets and dark fruit, such as blackberry, are present in this wine, which is best enjoyed young. Excellent with tapas, beef carpaccio, and vitello tonato.