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Chateau Climens 'Asphodele' Grand Vin Blanc Sec 2020

Product description

Made in collaboration with Pascal Jolivet from Sancerre, this dry white from the Climens vineyard has a distinct personality, making it different from any other wine in the region.

The "Jolivet method" is based on the simple logic of nature: berries harvested at their freshest, spontaneous fermentation by naturally-occurring yeasts, aging on the lees, an absence of oak, etc. In their obsession to fully develop the potential of the atypical Climens terroir in all its purity, the team at Climens adapted the vinification advocated by Pascal Jolivet to the requirements of biodynamic production. This new dry white wine thus offers a precise reading of this terroir that has been fashioned by the conjunction of clayey red sand and limestone. The result is a unique wine, vibrant and pure, that conjugates grace and character.