Sold Out Chateau Trigant 2016
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Chateau Trigant 2016

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Product description

In 1783, Philippe Trigant, an illustrious lawyer at the Bordeaux parliament, started building the Chateau Trigant estate and vineyards. The Seze family acquired the estate in 1860, which they have now managed for 8 generations. The 3-hectare estate is located a stone’s throw from Chateaux Brown and Couhins.

At first glance, 2016 Chateau Trigant is an elegant wine with good ageing potential. The powerful, complex nose is redolent of very ripe red fruit.

2016 Trigant is delicious and charming on the palate. The fine, silky tannins are already very enjoyable. This wine is well-structured yet perfectly balanced, emblematic of the 2015 vintage but with a little extra pizazz, like the outstanding wines of 2016.

It is likely to go down in history as one of the greatest Trigant ever produced by the Seze family.