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Choya Umeshu Gold Edition - 500 ml

Product description
This premium umeshu is made with only carefully selected large Nanko Ume fruits from Kishu steeped in brandy liquor from Cognac, France to bring out its full flavours. The refreshing tartness of the Nanko Ume fruits compliments the mellow flavours of the brandy, blending seamlessly into a bright symphony of aromas and flavours. This umeshu is characterized by its light sweetness and rich fragrance. Inside the bottle, real gold leaves paint a dynamic portrait of plum blossom petals dancing in the wind, an elegant aesthetic touch that elevates the tasting experience. This umeshu comes packaged in a special CHOYA collectors box and would make a memorable gift for someone special.

While ordinary umeshu is made by steeping ume fruits in clear distilled liquor, brandy umeshu is made with brandy instead of clear distilled liquor, as its name suggests. Combining ume’s refreshing taste with Brandy’s deep flavours will result in an umeshu with a unique, multilayered taste that stands out from regular umeshu. 

Enjoy CHOYA’s Gold Edition Umeshu slowly in a brandy glass.