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Cinco Sentidos Papalote Mezcal

Product description

Tomas Gutierrez Sales is a new addition to the lineup of extraordinary mezcaleros Cinco Sentidos sources from. Tomas produced this batch in the region of Tepehuixco, Guerrero, with the help of his son, Emiliano. Together, they harvested mature Papalote, scientifically known as agave cupreata in this particular region. While the production methods are seemingly conventional, the aromas and flavour attributes unfold beautifully after each sip.

Cinco Sentidos ("five senses") started as the house mezcal line at Oaxaca's acclaimed restaurant and mezcaleria El Destilado. These uncertified agave spirits highlight diverse, traditional production methods employed by small-batch producers who distill a variety of agave species. The range embodies the customs, traditions, and history behind the spirits and the people who make them.

Nose: cilantro, milk chocolate, coconut shrub

Palate: egg custard, arugula, cake frosting

Finish:spearmint, grassy