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Cinco Sentidos Tobala Sierra Negra

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Product description

Cinco Sentidos is a representation of small-scale maestro mezcaleros that produce agave spirits with complex flavors. We select high-quality distillates that represent the various production processes, agave diversity, and traditions and talents of Mexico's master distillers of agave. 

5 Sentidos Sierra Negra-Tobala was created with wild maguey Tobala and cultivated maguey Sierra Negra. Alberto Martinez, a master mezcalero, and his son-in-law cooked 100 Tobala hearts and 9 Sierra Negra hearts in an underground furnace with encino oak for three days. After that, the agave was hand milled, fermented with tepehuaje bark, and double distilled in a tiny clay pot still. The first batch was only 103 litres and was distilled in August of 2018.