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Clase Azul Durango Mezcal

Product description

Clase Azul Tequila, known for bringing you beautifully painted porcelain bottles of Jalisco's finest spirit, has branched out into mezcal. Most mezcals are Oaxacan mezcal, mind you, but mezcal from the Mexican state of Durango is the real deal. This isn't contracted juice either, they purchased part of the production and registered their NOM number (D291G).

It took them two years to get this project up and running, showing you how serious some of the more prominent brands are getting about mezcal. Not only is this mezcal strikingly different in appearance and origin, but it's also made from a type of wild agave most have never heard of: cenizo, one of the species native to Durango.

The result is quite extraordinary. This Mezcal is full of smoke, slat, and roasted agave. It is an excellent soft, delicate Mezcal Tequila from Clase Azul.