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Compass Box Metropolis The Extinct Blends Quartet Whisky

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Product description

The Soul of Blended Scotch is Found in the City

For our third release in the Extinct Blends Quartet, we step into the throng of a striving city through the ages. Industriousness jostles up against elaborate architecture; people and provisions from diverse places mingle; commerce meets culture. Blended Scotch whisky began in the metropolis, with blending vats in Glasgow and Edinburgh producing bottles for urban jungles around the world. The soul of blended Scotch continues to reside in the city.

Vanilla arrives first on the nose, followed by a medley of different honeys. Fudge, apricot and pineapple lead to fresh fig. A rich and very complex palate with sultana, apricot again and hints of smoky woodiness. A long and sweet finish, with a pleasing weight.