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Corte Ottone Brindisi Riserva 2019

Product description
Brindisi is a port city within the wine region of Puglia, in south-eastern Italy. The key varietal in Brindisi is Negroamaro, which forms the base of the majority of wine produced here. Malvasia Nera and Montepulciano can also be blended up to 30% of the total wine and up to 10% Sangiovese. The tannic nature of Negroamaro is the distinctive quality of most Brindisi wines, including the Corte Ottone. Brindisi, and greater Puglia, is very hot and dry throughout the long summers. The long days and warm summer season allow for the late-ripening Negroamaro to reach full maturity. Naturally, these grapes produce high sugar levels and can result in very high alcohol wines. The addition of Sangiovese, Malvasia Nera and Montepulciano all work to balance the robust flavours of Negroamaro, increase acidity and provide softer flavours. Tannic wines will soften with age, but also at the loss of freshness and acidity. If enjoyed today, decanting will help to round out the wine. 

How it looks... Deep garnet core, with raspberry-coloured edges.

How it smells... Aromatic and addicting aromas of sweet purple flowers, light balsamic, vanilla bean, chocolate-covered cherries and cocoa dust. This wine smells like when you open a box of gourmet chocolates. Fruity notes of purple plum and over-ripe black cherry come secondary.

How it tastes...Soft and billowing flavours of plum and cherry fill the palate. The weight of the wine sits heavier on the sides of the tongue and cheeks, with slow and satisfying acidity that makes you salivate. Rugged tannin and medium body. The flavours are less complicated than the nose but equally enjoyable.

Recommended food pairing...This wine will elevate your dinner without stealing the spotlight, a great supporting actor to traditional meatloaf, roast chicken or a cheese course.