Sold Out Cristom Pinot Noir Louise Vineyard
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Cristom Pinot Noir Louise Vineyard

Product description

Louise Vineyard was the first vineyard Cristom began planting in 1993, and it was named after founder Paul Gerrie's maternal grandmother. Because the 290 feet to 440 feet (88 m to 134 m) elevation change separates Louise Vineyard from their other estate Pinot Noir vineyards on the slope, it can be separated into "upper" and "lower" Louise. The only Pinot Noir vineyard on the Cristom estate with such significant soil diversity is Louise Vineyard, and we believe it has contributed to the balance in the wines produced from this tightly planted vineyard since its initial release in 1996.

Louise is known for producing the most strongly structured Pinot Noir of the estate's single vines, with the deepest fruit flavour. Because of its lower elevation and warmer climate, it contains more acid and tannin than comparable single vineyard estate Pinot Noirs. Louise lingers on the palate with deep and velvety tannins, and her story will unfold over time.

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