Dalmore 18 Year Old

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Wow. If you're a fan of the Dalmore, this is the ticket...though again, as with the 15, a word of caution. Assuming you've tried and loved their entry-level 12 year old single malt, don't expect the same satiny-smoothness here. Yes, the 18 is smooth compared to other scotches, but it has a much more obvious burn to it than the 12 or 15 (probably due to the 43% alcohol). The flavour here is intense beyond reason - all the grapey, heavily-sherried richness of the 12 and the 15 are here in spades, but with an added hint of anise/liquorice-ness and a rough oakiness, along with a distinct cinnamon note. This scotch literally perfumes itself out of the glass, much like a harsh Islay scotch's fumes creep out. If you love the 12 and the 15, and simply want all those flavours maxed out to the inth degree, then the 18 is the ticket. A luxurious, full-bodied highland scotch well-worth trying.