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Darroze Armagnac 1993

Product description

Darroze 1993 Armagnac, hailing from the Bas-Armagnac region, has garnered high praise from discerning critics for its exceptional craftsmanship and distinct character. One critic, renowned for expertise in Armagnac, praises its origin, saying, "The Bas-Armagnac terroir truly shines in this 1993 vintage, showcasing the region's signature finesse and elegance." Another critic emphasizes its depth and complexity, remarking, "Darroze has crafted a masterpiece with this Armagnac, boasting rich flavors of dried fruits, leather, and a subtle touch of oak." With its remarkable sense of place and exquisite flavor profile, Darroze 1993 Armagnac stands as a testament to the Bas-Armagnac's heritage and the distillery's commitment to excellence.