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Diaoyutai Pin Li Bin Baijiu - 500 ml

Product description

Diaoyutai Baijiu is made in Maotai Town, Guizhou, China, where the water, geology, and climatic circumstances are ideal. Extremely elegant with a dark royal blue bottle,  it is a classic, pure Maotai-flavoured liquor.

Diaotaiyupin is a unique blend of different types of liquor with varying levels of umami flavour, sweetness, and depth, using a traditional brewing process called Kunsha. The liquor is made by five-year-old base wine selected by three national-level brewing masters and undergoes 35 production processes and 165 technical steps. The different liquors are blended in specific proportions to complement, offset, transform, balance, and coordinate each other's trace elements. The liquor is then flavoured with various seasoning wines to form a unique style of a bold aroma, elegant and delicate taste, rich body, and long-lasting aftertaste. This liquor is crafted by world-class brewing masters, famous liquor experts, national intangible cultural heritage inheritors, and China liquor industry leader Ji Keliang, leading Zhang Fangli and Yan Lamei. The aroma of Diaotaiyupin is rich and layered. From the initial scent, to the deep scent, to the empty cup scent, one can gradually sense the pleasant aromas of soy sauce, baking, fruit, plant, grain, mellow, floral, sweet, and yeast. Even more remarkable is that the empty cup scent of the fishing platform royal liquor lasts long, adding to the enjoyment of drinking. When tasting Diaotaiyupin, one can sense the sourness, nuttiness, yeast, floral, and aged aromas of Moutai liquor. The liquor is silky smooth and mellow when swallowed. Additionally, the aftertaste of Diaotaiyupin is long-lasting and sweet, with minimal bitterness.