Sold Out Dom Perignon Lady Gaga Rose 2006
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Dom Perignon Lady Gaga Rose 2006

Last unit sold for $389.00

Product description

The collaboration between Dom Pérignon and Lady Gaga marks the encounter of two creative forces. The design of this limited edition, rippling and shifting, is itself a visual ode to creativity. This Limited Edition unveils another facet of the collaboration between Dom Pérignon and Lady Gaga and features Rosé Vintage 2006 in an exclusive and creative case.

On the nose - The bouquet is mesmerizing, ripe, and complex. The opening notes are a blend of dark spices and cocoa which develop very quickly into fruit aromas. Fruit reigns supreme, with roasted fig and apricot and candied orange. The overall effect exudes smoky accents.

On the palate - The fullness of the wine is immediately striking. Its intensity and succulence set the tone through the sweetness and crisp punch of the flavors. The silky mouthfeel melts into a smooth, tight, and grainy structure with just a hint of vegetable flavors. The wine expresses an appealing brininess and saline character.

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