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Domaine Gerard Raphet Charmes Chambertin Grand Cru 2019

Product description
Raphet wines are a Burgundy lover's Burgundy. They are best appreciated by those familiar with the light colour and earthy flavours of classic Burgundian Pinot Noir. Raphet over decades has become the favourite Burgundy of customers and employees alike. They are wines that many feel "speak" especially and directly to them, not dissimilar to a work of art.

The wine's aromas depart from the traditional Burgundian violets to suggest a potpourri of cinnamon, clove and incense. The wine's light colour and fine texture require studied attention on behalf of the drinker. Hints of wood toast and a top note of herbal tea add breadth to the ripe and fresh aromas of red cherry, currant and lilac. The rich and relatively full-bodied flavours possess focused power on the balanced, youthfully austere and solidly persistent finale.