Dorothy Parker Gin

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Juniper forward with floral notes surrounding it on the nose and on the palate, at which point it’s joined by more earthy elements. It may sound strange to say this given each gin on the market is supposed to be different to the one beside it, however there are usually familiarities between them. It’s often possible to say “a bit like xxxx but with more citrus” for example. Dorothy Parker stands alone and we were impressed by this. It is by all accounts different. You’re in familiar gin territory with its punchy juniper flavours, but elderberries, dried hibiscus petals, cinnamon and citrus take it off in a delicate, floral direction. It’s not traditional but neither is it “New Western” or whatever term one likes to call modern takes on gin. It’s a modern gin, but not at the expense of the spirit’s heritage, both classic and contemporary in