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Dubonnet Rouge

Product description

Dubonnet Rouge, currently made in the picturesque city of Paris, France, is a timeless aperitif that enchants the palate with its complex and enticing flavour profile. This iconic red elixir unveils a deep ruby hue, captivating the eye with its richness. The aroma is a symphony of herbal and spice notes intertwined with hints of red fruit and exotic botanicals. With the first sip, a delightful blend of bittersweet flavours unfolds, where the robustness of fortified wine harmonizes with the subtle sweetness of fruit and a touch of aromatic spices. The velvety texture coats the tongue, leaving a lingering, pleasantly bitter finish. Dubonnet Rouge captures the essence of French sophistication, offering an indulgent and classic aperitif experience that stands the test of time.