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Eau Claire Parlour Gin

Product description

A London-dry style gin, it augments more traditional gin botanicals creating a juniper berry-induced dryness, but with unique hints of rosehip, Saskatoon berry, coriander, lemon, orange, mint and spice. A medium gin, it is dry with a smooth, harmonious texture and little harshness. Infused with a selection of special botanicals that give it its delicious, unique flavour notes, it is perfect for a relaxing libation, summer or winter.

They call it Parlour Gin to reflect the great history of prohibition-era gin parlours throughout the world, and to honour gin’s place in generating social conversation, friendship and pure, animal enjoyment. It can be enjoyed from parlour to patio, happy hour to the hopping bar. Enjoy yours by itself, in a martini, or with your favourite mix. Parlour Gin, like all of Eau Claire’s premium products, is made for social animals.