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Fahr Away Hefeweizen - 50 Litre Keg

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The quality and taste of Fahr’s beers speaks for itself by winning several prestigious World & Canadian Brewing awards. Specializing in brewing “beer-flavoured” beer, Fahr is redefining what it means to be a craft beer by bringing back the basics. Adhering to German Purity Laws, Fahr is brewing over 500 years of tradition into locally crafted Alberta Beer. Fahr Beer creates several traditional German beers using the finest ingredients to ensure great quality and taste. Locally brewed in Turner Valley, Alberta, Fahr brings the greatest beer recipes from Fahr away, close to home for you to enjoy!

The official Best Hefeweizen in the World, courtesy of the 2020 World Beer Awards! This Bavarian style Hefeweizen is the one that started it all! The first Fahr beer to be produced  commercially in 2015. However, this beer had been in development for much longer (Jochen can’t even remember how long – that long!). This beer has won numerous awards before and after it became commercially available. The beer itself is hazy with a medium body to it, smooth from start to finish. Taste the aromas of wheat grass, white pepper, banana, and clove.