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Francois Mikulski Pinot Noir Bourgogne 2019

Product description

It’s got all the signs of a Pinot and Côte d’Or is written right there, next to the word Bourgogne, yet you would swear you’re in the Côte Chalonnaise, Givry, to be even more precise. Cherry, eucalyptus, blackberry jelly, pink berries, and a peony–tulip cocktail, this has all the characteristics of a wine that comes from there. The palate, with its flavours of cherries, of blood oranges like you’ve never experienced, of resin, bark and fresh groves, also reminds you of the green bucolic Côte Chalonnaise and notes of blueberry jam, red plum, and the wonderful juice of good humour.

This Burgundy, easy, elastic, expressive, with tannins as soft as a lamb, can be enjoyed whenever you choose. Drink with ham, quail or fried spring chicken with peas, but be careful, the level of the wine in the bottle may descend rather quickly.