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Fukumitsuya Kazeyo-Mizuyo-Hitoyo 'Wind Water Man' Junmai Sake

Product description

This junmai sake is created with Fukumitsuya's original yeast, Kazeyo Mizuyo Hitoyo, producing a very fresh flavor with a light, smooth profile.  It has a very faint lemon colour, nearly colourless.  Tropical fruit and mild floral notes, with a hint of anise and fresh spring water from loamy earth, fill the delicate nose.

On the palate, this sake is light and delicate, while showing complexity, with flavours of spring water, anise, fresh sweet herbs, and very light fruit. The finish is lengthy, with moderate acidity, anise, and floral notes.  It drinks well on its own, and matches almost any dish.  Enjoy drinking chilled or at room temperature.  

Origin:   Ishikawa Prefecture  |   Rice:  Local Rice   |   Rice Polished to:   70%   |   Alcohol:  12%