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Ganadero Tinto Garnacha 2020

Product description
This low intervention Garnacha is like the Méntrida countryside in a bottle. Crisp, fragrant and invigorating. This wine will transport you to a fresh mountainside forest before bringing you back home to comforting and lasting flavours. Good for taking your senses on a hike!  A fun and easy-drinking red made with 100% Garnacha grapes from salvaged 50-year-old vines, growing in the foothills of the Sierra de Gredos near Toledo, some 70 km south of Madrid. Bet you didn’t know Garnacha (Grenache in French) is native to Spain! 

Ganadero is smooth and well-rounded with juicy flavours and aromas of fresh mountain herbs. Fruity, bold notes of blueberries, blackberries, and black currant followed by earthy chocolate notes and a touch of vanilla.

Ganadero means rancher or farmer. The label depicts one of the most recognized icons of Spanish culture abroad, the bull, but with a playful twist, portraying it dressed as a ganadero, effectively making the bull the master of its own destiny, a very meta way of showing this wine’s low human intervention.