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Glenlivet Spectra - 3 x 200 ml Bottles

Product description

The Glenlivet Spectra is a selection of three mysterious single malts, each a reinterpretation of their smooth and fruity house style.

The Glenlivet Spectra invites consumers to explore a wide spectrum of flavours. Each of the three expressions is a reinterpretation of The Glenlivet’s signature smooth and fruity house style and is released without tasting notes, age or cask information, challenging the senses of Scotch lovers. An interactive experience. First: here’s a whiskey, and they're not going to tell you anything about it that they are not legally obliged to, strength, size of the bottle, ‘single malt Scotch whisky’ and not much more. Then: taste it, write tasting notes and compare them to what master blender/distiller/everything else Alan Winchester thought. Finally: they’ll let you know how closely your thoughts matched up with Alan’s with a percentage score.