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Tamanohikari Gold Omachi Junmai Daiginjo Sake - 300 ml

Product description

Gold Omachi features splashes of soft sweet rice flavour with rich umami, from the classic pure Omachi rice varietal.  Omachi's earthy herbal flavours are immediately recognizable through this sake's depth, richness, and subtle dryness. 

Wafting scents of fresh rainwater, wildflowers, and cherry leaves fill the senses, while persimmon, sweet rice, and vanilla are at play on the palate.  Fantastic pairings with Gold Omachi include Smoked Salmon, Cheese Fondue, and Crab & Artichoke Dip.

Origin:   Kyoto Prefecture  |   Rice:  Bizen Omachi   |   Rice Polished to:   50%   |   Alcohol:  16.2%

Awards:  SILVER MEDAL - London International Wine & Spirit Competition 2016  |   Judges Selection - Alberta Beverage Awards 2020