Sold Out Great King Street Artist's Blend
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Great King Street Artist's Blend

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A rich, round and fruity whisky, made for both demanding single malt drinkers and discerning bartenders. Artist’s Blend is a tribute to the blenders of the late 19th century, individuals who used artistry, creativity and craft to pioneer a spirit that became one of the world’s most famous and desirable drinks. The combination of flavorful single malt whiskies and delicate single grain whiskies produces one of the most invigorating and pleasurable styles of Scotch whisky. We drew on archive recipes from the the golden era of whisky making and applied our own 21st century cask maturation techniques to create whiskies with a high single malt content, delivering compelling flavor and complexity while maintaining the versatility of a Blended Scotch. Soft, full and fruity on the palate, with flavors of baked apple, vanilla, spices and toasted oak.

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