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Grizzly Paw Mountain Mixer 355 ml - 12 Cans

(Includes 12 units $2.54 each)

Product description

Not sure which beer to try?  Looking for something for everyone?  Enjoy our 12 pack Mountain Mixer, which includes 3 x 355ml cans of each of the following:

Grumpy Bear Honey Wheat- A pale golden light bodied and sweet easy drinking ale with a touch of honey flavour.  If the beer list has you a bit overwhelmed, this is a great place to start.

Beavertail Raspberry Ale- A pink hued unfiltered wheat ale made with loads of real whole raspberries. A combination of malt sweetness and raspberry tartness make for a very refreshing and light beer.

Rutting Elk Red- A medium bodied Scottish style red ale, this beer has a rich malty flavour with layers of chocolate & roasted malts and just enough English hops for balance.

Three Sisters Pale Ale- Your prayers have been answered. A delicious, fruity pale ale has risen from the clear waters of the Bow River and anointed you with heavenly beer bliss. Salvation is one sip away.