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Grun Riesling Rheingau 2020

Product description

The colour is a very light straw gold, enjoy looking at those super tiny bubbles when swirled. The nose here skews almost but not quite tropical (kiwi?), but there is melon, green apple, peach and perhaps nectarine. None of the oiliness which is typical for a Riesling. Those bubbles that you can see give a bit of effervescence giving it a taste like summer, and a small amount of residual sugar but it is a very dry Riesling which would pair great with spice! A fairly consistent mouthfeel with extremely high acidity. Those same fruits show through on the palate as well. No balance issues, not exceedingly complex but almost unbeatable at this price point. Pair with an Asian dish with some spice to compliment the high acidity and palate-cleansing nature of the bubbles. This wine would also compliment a dish with a little bit of heat, the sweetness offsets the spiciness. Perfect for Thai food!