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H Billiot Brut Millesime 2014

Product description
Delicious, classy and complex are attributes everyone wants in a fine wine, and if it’s affordable, then even better. Personifying all these virtues, CHAMPAGNE H. BILLIOT FILS Champagnes have often become a go-to choice for Champagne lovers. Billiot’s wines are packed with plenty of flavour, yet they combine their depth with a rare elegance and harmony that sets them apart from many of their peers. They are also very much wines of place, and some of the purest expressions of Ambonnay to be found.

This Champagne has a deep amber colour although clear and bright. A good amount of small-ish bubbles. On the nose this has some strawberries, slight hay, dried floral notes and a slightly nutty quality. On the palate, the strawberries come thru with some light cherries.