Sold Out Hakkaisan Daiginjo Sake  - 720 ml
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Hakkaisan Daiginjo Sake - 720 ml

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Product description

A super-premium sake from Hakkaisan, it's smooth and surprisingly clean for a daiginjo!  Marvelously food-friendly and luxurious, this sake is lightly fruity on the palate and just a bit more aromatic than other Hakkaisan sakes.  Elegant and complex, the sweetness of the rice is perfectly balanced by its clean acidity.  Drink fresh and have it from a wine glass to appreciate the subtle aroma.  Serve chilled, with seafood and simply prepared dishes.   

Origin:   Niigata Prefecture  |   Rice:  Yamada Nishiki   |   Rice Polished to:   40%   |   Alcohol:  15.5%