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Heaven Hill Bottled In Bond 7 Year Old Bourbon

Product description

This Kentucky Bourbon pays tribute to the earliest days of the Distillery’s history when in 1939 it released Heaven Hill Bottled-in-Bond. The namesake brand quickly became the number-one-selling Bourbon whiskey in the state of Kentucky. Still today, the craftsmanship poured into this bottle by the same founding family meets the exacting standards first set forth in the Bottled-in-Bond act of 1897.

Heaven Hill Bottled-in-Bond is extra-aged at 7-years-old and crafted from barrels that matured in the distillery's prime rickhouse locations. Because the Bottled-in-Bond rules require that the spirit must come from single distilling season, the number of barrels they can pull from is limited. Being both independently owned and having large reserves of aging whiskey has allowed them to be extremely selective when crafting this Bourbon. The deep flavor of the liquid inside is a result of perseverance, because they were able to wait patiently until just the right barrels had matured.

Sipping the bourbon offers a smooth, warm flavor profile redolent of caramel and honey, mingled with just enough oak and char to round out the richness. The finish is especially satisfying, a balance of pleasant spice notes that meld with the oak and just the right amount of sweet caramel.