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Hennessy VSOP Limited Edition Yang Yongliang 2024 Lunar New Year Edition

Product description

Hennessy, in celebration of the 2024 Chinese New Year, the Year of the Dragon, has collaborated with the visionary Chinese artist Yang Yongliang to create a striking limited-edition collection. This collection is a beautiful amalgamation of tradition, art, and technology, echoing the ethos of a year filled with positive energy and collective celebration.

The V.S.O.P. bottle, known for its classic and versatile blend, is presented in a vibrant red hue, symbolizing joy and luck.

Yang Yongliang's contribution to this collection is deeply personal and inspired by his childhood memories. He was gifted an antique coin with a dragon on it by his grandmother, which inspired the metallic surface of the dragons on these bottles. Yongliang's digital artwork brings the dragons to life with a three-dimensional element, adding depth and movement to the design. This collaboration between Hennessy and Yongliang not only bridges the past and present through art but also honors the shared history and cultural significance of dragons in Chinese culture.