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Hess Select Rose 2020

Product description

Crafted by their winemakers best known for artistry with coastal vineyards, Hess Select wines are sourced from grower families throughout California who share the guiding principle that their founder Donald Hess instilled in their family business “nurture the land and return what you take.” They strive to make the very best wines that elevate every day and honour their family legacy.

Hess Select Rosé is fermented in stainless steel, without oak influence, in order to accentuate the wine’s naturally crisp and expressive flavours. Bright and bursting with notes of red berries and stone fruit, this wine delivers a perfect element of acidity on its elegant finish. Balanced on the palate and easy to enjoy, their Rosé tastes best served among great friends and good food. Pair this versatile wine with their favourite sweet and salty combinations, perhaps prosciutto and melon salad, or simply enjoy it alongside fresh shellfish.