Houou Biden 'Black Phoenix' Junmai Ginjo Sake - 720 ml
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Houou Biden 'Black Phoenix' Junmai Ginjo Sake - 720 ml

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Houou Biden 'Black Phoenix' Junmai Ginjo Sake is a seasonal product that is produced by Kobayashi Sake Brewery in Tochigi prefecture. It is an exquisite sake that uses 100% of Aiyama sake rice, which is said to be the rarest and most expensive sake rice in Japan. High quality that should be said to have an elegant and cohesive taste while being filled with moderate gorgeousness.

The characteristic of Aiyama is sweetness = umami. Black Phoenix has a fragrant aroma, it has a slightly sweet taste and the flavors of various fruits that spread as they are warmed in the mouth. It is one that symbolizes the Black Phoenix, and at the same time, it is a sake with a beautiful aroma and umami that does not disappoint.

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