Hwayo 25 Premium Soju
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Hwayo 25 Premium Soju

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Product description

The ideal white spirit made from 100% top quality Korean rice. Single vacuum-distilled at low temperatures for optimate aroma, taste, and smoothness.

Hwayo 25 showcases the delicate aroma and rich flavour of Hwayo. Floral, fruity, and cereal notes are expressed in harmony with great balance and finish. At 25% ABV, Hwayo 25 is praised by both wine drinkers and spirit drinkers.

Enjoy chilled or at room temperature. Hwayo 25 is normally drank as a shot or on ice and is an amazing alternative to Gin and Vodka in cocktails. Matches well with a wide range of foods, including seafood like Red fish sashimi, Lobster, and Steamed clam.