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Il Palazzone Rosso di Palazzone

Product description

The vineyards at Il Palazzone are all planted with Sangiovese Grosso, the grape that is known in Montalcino as “Brunello.” Grapes in our Vino Rosso come from the same vines that produce our Brunello DOCG, and receive equal attention and benefit from several green harvests and selections in the vineyard. The grapes are picked by hand, usually at the beginning of October. Our Brunello vineyards are in three very different areas of Montalcino. Consequently, each vineyard ripens at a different time and the picked grapes show very different qualities due to differences in soil, age of vines, position and altitude. The ensuing wines are also vinified separately.

We create an ideal composition for each vintage of Brunello by combining our three 100% Sangiovese vineyards in different proportions, depending on whether or not we produce a Riserva and the vagaries of the growing season. Occasionally we choose not to include a barrel of wine from one vineyard or the other in order to maintain a perfect balance in our Brunello. This wine, potential Brunello, is set aside to make our VR, Rosso del Palazzone.  This versatile wine is an excellent wine “a tutto pasto” i.e. suited to all courses, in particular vegetable soups, cheese and first and second courses featuring red meat.

This wine has a remarkable price:quality ratio. Since it derives from several vintages, it has no vintage on the label. The clue to its composition is the lotto number which appears in the bottom right-hand corner of the label