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Itata La Resistencia Red Blend

Product description

During the 16th century, the Spanish Conquistadors established their first settlement in the Itata Valley. They brought their own grape vines to keep up the necessary supply of wine for these new European settlers. As a result, some of Chile's oldest vineyards began to be propagated. The Itata's allure originates with its unique granitic soils. Dry-farmed bush vines primarily planted with the reds Pais (Mission grape) and Carignan, as well as the white Muscat of Alexandria, grow on this 200 million-year-old batholith. The winegrowing season is extended by cool coastal winds and clouds, which allows the wines to develop the complexity required for high-quality wine. Regrettably, this region has been neglected for decades, with inferior wines being produced primarily for the market. However, the Itata has been swept by the winds of change, making it one of the most intriguing new prospects in the New World!

This Pais is peppery, spicy, sweet-fruited, and has a nice smokey backbone that is suggestive of the granite soil. It comes from a historic plot established in 1867. A joy to drink, with concrete fermentation and gaining for maximum lift. Freshness that represents the ancient site from whence it originates.