Sold Out Jagermeister Spice
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Jagermeister Spice

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Product description

Jagermeister Spice uses the same ingredients as the original Jagermeister but in vastly different proportions. While the original Jagermeister screams roots and licorice, Jagermeister Spice is all about baking spices. The nose is softer with a lot less licorice, which makes room for cinnamon, allspice, black pepper, ginger, and clove to really emerge. The sweet in the nose is more vanilla than sugar, and comes together with the spices to smell like a holiday spiced cake. Jagermeister Spice is 10% less alcohol than traditional Jagermeister and that fact is noticeable in the nose, which is more muted and understated than the original. The lower ABV is also apparent on the palate.