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Jean Marc Brocard Chablis 'Les Clos' Grand Cru 2021

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Some twenty years ago, Jean-Marc Brocard chose to establish his estate in Prehy, a small village near the town of Chablis. At that time, one of his in-laws, Louis Petit, taught him about the vine and at the same time instilled a deep sense of tradition and respect for nature. Boosted by this knowledge and determined to dedicate himself to a vineyard, Jean-Marc Brocard planted a hectare of vines within the appellation of Chablis.

As a perfectionist, Jean-Marc Brocard naturally erected his purpose-built cellars in the centre of his vineyard to give the grapes his constant attention. Such dedication together with the best quality Chablis soil produce an exceptional wine with a typical mineral style. It is elegant and full of character.

Les Clos, which is the cradle of Chablis vineyards, is the largest of the Grands Crus. Due to its open Southern exposure, this terroir yields generous wines, which are full-bodied and with a very long finish and notes of lemon, vanilla and salt. It is characterized by its smoothness with elegance.